Burma Arakan conflict ROOT CAUSE

This is the ROOT CAUSE what had happened in Arakan conflict in 2012. Bengali (so-called Rohingya) had committed war-crimes, ethnic cleansing, crime against humanity and genocide in 1942 on Arakan indigenous people of Burma. More than 20, 000 Buddhist Arakan were brutally massacred by intruding fully armed Islamic Bengali (so-called Rohingya) masses. The whole area of Arakan land (villages) were wiped out and unarmed Arakan civilians were forced to flee from their homes (villages) especially at Maungtaw and Buuthitaung townships due to the atrocities and terrorism of Bengalis (so-called Rohingya). Subsequently, Bengali (so-called Rohingya) had occupied vacant Arakan lands and settled there. Until now, these areas such as Maungtaw and Buuthitaung townships become Bengali (so-called Rohingya) majority comprising of more than 90-95% of the population in the area where indigenous Arakan of Burma become minority in their very own mother land. Arakan holocaust survivors pass down the histories from generations to generations and cannot forget the bitter and bloodshed execution they had suffered at the hands of brutal fully armed Islamic Bengali (so-called Rohingya) masses. (PS: At that time these Bengali (so-called Rohingya) called themselves as the Mujahids)

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