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Funds for NGOs


Defid Funding

Indegogo Public Funding

International Development Grants Programme

NGO Monitor

Resources for NGOs at / New funding

NGO Funding Opportunities (760)

NGO-EU Connect

ADB Funding

Funds: Southeast Asia

LINKS – Funding Agencies and NGOs Spezialised in the Support of Communication Initiatives in the South and the East


NGOs – Dignity International › Resources › Funding Guide & Contacts

Europe and Central Asia – International NGOs in  – World › Countries › Europe and Central Asia

IRIN Global | NGOs look to a new humanitarian funding mo…/ngos-look-to-a-new-humanitarian-funding-model‎

The Gates Foundation: helping NGOs at the front line | Fun…/the-gates-foundation-helping-ngos-at-the-…‎

Funding for NGOs Working in Areas of Health, Education,…/grants/funding-for-ngosasia…/2646‎


  1. Funding for NGOs – Global Policy Forum‎

This section examines how NGOs are funded, and how fundingsources affect NGO …. Over the past decade, donor funding forAsian advocacy NGOs has  


  1. Donors – ProPoor: Search South Asian NGOs‎


Search For Donor Agencies: A Donor Agency manages and distributes funds through Funding Projects. Use the first form below to view details related to the  


  1. AusAID-NGO Cooperation Program‎

The funding provided in 2013–14 represents a 33 per cent increase on 2012–13. Over the next three years, it is expected that NGOs supported through the ANCP  up to 72,000 poor children in Asia, the Pacific, Africa and beyond assisted to  


  1. Five Online Fundraising Best Practices for Small NGOs in…/five-online-fundraising-best-practices-for-s…‎

10 Sep 2013 – Thanks to Microsoft Citizenship Asia Pacific, I’ve had the great honor to  The well-funded NGOs have often a website that is just as good and  ..



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